Residential Tuition Placements

The Tutor Group are able to provide outstanding tutors and governesses for residential placements in worldwide locations, including; London, Moscow, Monaco, the USA,  the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong and Switzerland.

The cost of a residential placement is dependent on the level of qualification and experience of the tutor or governesses.  Many of our tutors are Oxbridge graduates and additionally fully qualified school teachers (PGCE/QTS), who are available to provide sessions in core subjects, including; Maths, English, French, Science and History.  Our governesses are childcare experts with extensive experience working within VVIP families.  Many are trained at leading establishments, such as Norland College.

We work hard to ensure that our tutors and governesses are able to provide excellent sessions and that they have the resources needed to best help your child.  All candidates are interviewed and have their references/qualifications checked thoroughly.

Please get in touch with your request and please remember to let us know; the age and gender of your children, the subjects required, level of study (7+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, MYP, IB and A-level) and the location of the placement.  Additional information, such as the schools your children are aiming to attend, is helpful when selecting suitable candidates.