Full-Time Tuition Placements

The Tutor Group are able to provide outstanding tutors and governesses for residential placements in worldwide locations, including; London, Moscow, Monaco, the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong & Switzerland.

Please call us +442032894159 to discuss the recruitment process and suitable options.

The cost of a residential placement is dependent on the level of qualification and experience of the tutor or governesses.  Many of our tutors are Oxbridge graduates and additionally fully qualified school teachers (PGCE/QTS), who are available to provide sessions in core subjects, including; Maths, English, French, Science and History.  Our governesses are childcare experts with extensive experience working within VVIP families.  Many are trained at leading establishments, such as Norland College Candidates are interviewed & have their references/qualifications checked thoroughly.

Please use the email below to request a tutor for a residential full-time placement:

james@thetutorgroup.co.uk (Residential/Full-Time Tutor Recruitment Co-ordinator)