Sports Academies/Home-Schooling

The Tutor Group consultants have worked with several leading Sports Academies, including; Tennis Academies in Barcelona, Nice and Portugal, Football Academies in the UK, Italy and Spain, Ski Training in the Alps, and Golf Academies in the USA, to provide educational programmes for young athletes.

We have extensive experience in providing home-schooling support and programmes for children who are not attending school for other reasons.  We have received many requests in 2020 due to school closures and we are able to provide; full academic timetables, residential tutors, exam support, online lessons and extra-curricular activities.  This option has also be previously popular with families who are travelling.

We are happy to discuss academic programmes for individuals or groups of students and will appoint a consultant to assess and propose a solution for all academic requests.  We have also provided chaperone/tutors who are able to support young athletes as they travel to compete at their chosen sport.

Please send your request to: or call us on +442032894159 and we will contact you to discuss your request and to help tailor the most suitable academic solution for your child.

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